Opti-be.com is Live

Opti-be.com is Live

Following the strategic partnership between industry leaders Novus Health and be-optilys under the banner of Optibe, their new company website opti-be.com has launched. With their expansion into European and Middle Eastern markets, Optibe’s unrivaled business model, combining: client strategy, digital integration, and navigation of member health care paths fosters member engagement and health risk mitigation. […]

Novus Health’s Truly Canadian MSO Service at Work

After a successful MSO case, Novus Health reached out to Rachelle from New Brunswick to gather feedback on her experience, and the positive impact it had on her family. This is what she had to say: “When I first spoke with our Nurse Kirsten Bertrand, she was very empathetic and asked questions about what happened […]

Marc Giguere Talks Mobilizing Health Care Consumers

During the International Francophone Week for Health and Quality of Life at Work (SIF-SQVT), Marc Giguere, Vice-President of Business Development at Novus Health, spoke on how tointervene when an employee’s health is at risk. He invited employees to become better health care consumers by providing simple access to resources that mobilize them, and the wellbeing […]

Novus Health Expands Worldwide

Novus Health Expands Worldwide

TORONTO, April 5, 2017 /CNW/ – Novus Health has entered the European market to address the effects of the economic downturn over the last few years across the continent which has effected the high level of support within social health care systems in Europe. This expansion includes a partnership between Canadian based Novus Health with France-based […]

Plan sponsors and members win with integrated health management

While many countries envy Canada’s health care system, there is certainly room to improve. In fact, Canada currently ranks 10th out of 11 nations on health care quality, access, and efficiency. That’s because the Canadian health care system is fragmented and complicated. Canadians feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost when they try to navigate the health […]

Providing support to your employees is easier than ever

Emotional stress without mental health resiliency can have an adverse effect on employee health and productivity over time. Research shows that coaching intervention programs that integrate online health content, web tools, and embedded face-to-face personalized phone support can yield positive outcomes for employees and cost savings for employers. Novus Health partnered with Canadian Life and […]

For Successful Health Management, Embrace Technology

For Successful Health Management, Embrace Technology

Business Issue Corporations now focus on finding new ways to optimize employee health management, in order to compete effectively, promote workplace wellness, and engage their employees. The way to this optimal management may be right in their hands — literally. That’s because employees, including plan members, are increasingly avid technology users; their mobile devices — […]

Fortify Member Wellness with Health Information that Boosts Immunity

It’s never a bad idea to remind members to adopt good hygiene habits that keep workplace germs at bay—a healthy workforce is good for business, after all. Members with access to health navigation via web, mobile, and call centre support can find trusted, up-to-date information on how to boost their immunity and protect themselves and […]

Winter Wellness: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

Winter Wellness: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

Post-holiday blues combined with frigid temperatures, darker days, and flu germs can wreak havoc on employee well-being. By providing health navigation via web, mobile, and call centre support, you can ensure your members have access to trusted health articles like this one. Health navigation will also provide the critical health information resources that members need […]

Empower Employees to be Savvy Health Care Consumers and Taxpayers

As the next tax season approaches, organizations can empower their employees to become savvy health care consumers and taxpayers by informing them about medical expense tax credits. Canadians can save money by claiming most medical expenses that are not covered under their provincial health plan on their yearly tax forms. Although not all information out […]

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