Eating Locally, Living Well

Eating Locally, Living Well

Your employees are a diverse group of individuals with their own set of health needs and goals. But the one thing they all need to make it through the (work) day is the proper nutrients. Provide your team with the resources to eat well both at home and at work, and you’ll see their energy—and […]

Novus Health and Montreal Medical International Inc. Partner to Enhance the Best & Exclusively Canadian Medical Second Opinion Service

TORONTO, Oct. 4, 2017 /CNW/ – Novus Health, Canada’s leader in health navigation and wellness solutions, and Montreal Medical International Inc. (“MMI”), a Canadian leader in health management and medical second opinion services, have joined forces to provide an exclusively Canadian Medical Second Opinion service (the “Novus-MMI MSO”).  An alternative to high cost U.S. based MSO services, the Novus-MMI […]

Get Your Child Moving: How to Curb Sedentary Behaviour in Kids

The juggle is real. It’s always a good idea to consider the added stress that results from juggling parenting and work responsibilities. During difficult times at home, you can bet that your employee’s focus, motivation and productivity is also suffering. So with the new school year just started, why not encourage your team to encourage […]

Novus Health Launches the Next-Generation Digital Health and Wellness Platform

TORONTO, Sept. 7, 2017 /CNW/ – Novus Health is thrilled to announce the new release of its core product offering, the health and wellness navigation platform. This state-of-the-art digital hub guides members in navigating the health care system and provides reliable resources to assist them in proactively managing their health and achieving their wellness goals. All content […]

10 Helpful Hints for Finding a Family Doctor

10 Helpful Hints for Finding a Family Doctor

Despite Canada’s much-praised universal health care system, a whopping one out of seven Canadians over the age of 12 is without a family doctor. Considering our doctors are the gateway to referrals, specialized care, and more in-depth treatment, it’s important to understand which of your staff is currently on the lookout for a family physician. […] is Live is Live

Following the strategic partnership between industry leaders Novus Health and be-optilys under the banner of Optibe, their new company website has launched. With their expansion into European and Middle Eastern markets, Optibe’s unrivaled business model, combining: client strategy, digital integration, and navigation of member health care paths fosters member engagement and health risk mitigation. […]

How Our Members Utilise Our Canadian MSO Service: Meet Rachelle

  Thank you Rachelle! To learn about how you can receive a truly Canadian high-end medical solution, contact Novus Health today.

Medically Assisted Dying: What Do I Need to Know?

It’s important to acknowledge that more and more of your employees are taking on caregiving responsibilities for aging parents, some of whom may have a chronic condition or incurable disease. For those faced with a parent whose illness is at an advanced stage and will likely never recover, they may be considering medically assisted dying […]

Marc Giguere Talks Mobilizing Health Care Consumers

During the International Francophone Week for Health and Quality of Life at Work (SIF-SQVT), Marc Giguere, Vice-President of Business Development at Novus Health, spoke on how tointervene when an employee’s health is at risk. He invited employees to become better health care consumers by providing simple access to resources that mobilize them, and the wellbeing […]

How Our Members Utilise Our Canadian MSO Service: Meet Bart

  To learn about how you can receive a truly Canadian high-end medical solution, contact Novus Health today.

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