Support individuals when they need it the most

For individuals diagnosed with a critical or life-threatening illness, our Medical Second Opinion program offers a collaborative and comprehensive review of their medical file to ensure that they receive the right diagnosis and the best treatment options.


We have an in-house medical team that works with physicians from academic medical centres. Specialists are chosen by our own Novus Health Medical Advisory Board. We also have access to an international network of medical centres of excellence.


We select physicians from academic medical centres with specific expertise in rare and complex diseases. Treatment recommendations are based on the most current medical research. Trusted information is obtained through a collaborative, peer-to-peer approach.


We provide caring follow-up by a nurse case manager who ensures that any further questions are addressed by the Medical Second Opinion specialist.

Give individuals the peace of mind that comes from receiving a valuable second opinion from a world-class network of medical experts.


GET the right diagnosis


ACCESS the latest in evidence-based medicine


BENEFIT from the best treatment options available

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