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2020: A Year in the Life of Novus Health

By June 15, 2021 No Comments

Health care was already complicated before the pandemic. But with the system under extreme pressure, and medical appointments, tests and surgery being delayed, having access to vetted and up-to-date health content and services was never more important than in 2020.

One year later, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things. And the way we approach health care as a patient, insurer, organization, or health care provider is certainly one of them.


Ensuring Access to Trusted Content on a Timely Matter

At a time when health information was constantly shifting, Novus Health assisted clients and members by creating bilingual, trusted and reliable COVID-19-specific content, resources, and tools to help better understand, navigate, and manage the myriad of challenges that came with the pandemic. To centralize the information, we created Crisis Check, a microsite that members access directly from the health platform. To ensure everyone has access to much needed information, we have also created health-related content available through social media as well as on our corporate website.

To this day, we still regularly post and update COVID-19 content on our health platform, on Crisis Check, and on social media.


Information You Can Trust

Our Health Information Specialists (HIS) are trained to assess individual’s needs and provide personalized support. But to help clients and members even more, they receive continuous training on COVID-19​. With personalized Health Information Packages, our HIS Team sends information about health conditions and how to navigate the health care system, including telemedicine/virtual care providers​ and up-to-date facts on COVID-19.

The need for trusted and vetted information was so great that in 2020, Novus saw a 50% increase in requests for Health Information Packages. Of all the recipients, 100% of them said they were very satisfied with them and would highly recommend the service to a colleague or loved one.


Mental Health Support​ and One-on-One Health Coaching

Mental health support is here to help cope with stress and anxiety the pandemic brings. Novus Health’s team is equipped to provide guidance and help direct members to the appropriate mental health programs and resources (including virtual counselling services)​. For those who need additional support, health coaching by phone is also available​.

​Connecting eligible individuals with a registered nurse, our one-on-one health coaching is there to help them target and address health concerns, as well as common and chronic conditions before they lead to extended absences and disability claims. Depending on their needs, eligible individuals can also access a multidisciplinary team of experts, such as psychologists, dieticians, and social workers.


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