Company News AI and Novus Health Partnership Expands Access to its Global Library of Medicine (GLM)

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AI Inc. (CSE: TRUE, OTC: TREIF, Frankfurt: 939) (“Treatment”) is pleased to announce it has signed a Collaborative Agreement with Health Care Services International Inc (o/a Novus Health). (“Novus Health”) to explore utilization of Treatment’s proprietary Global Library of Medicine (“GLM”) to further enhance Novus Health’s Health Risk Assessment programs.

Treatment is partnering with Novus Health, an acknowledged leader in health navigation supporting over 1.5 million members and their families. Over the past 7 years and in collaboration with hundreds of global healthcare professionals, utilizing our proprietary algorithms, Treatment has built one of the world’s most intelligent, personalized healthcare AI engines, the Global Library of Medicine (GLM). Working with a number of leading North American Health Insurers, Novus Health has built a trusted navigation platform that simplifies health care experiences by bringing together everything an individual needs to successfully manage their care journey.

Treatment and Novus Health also intend to explore mutually beneficial opportunities through the partnership, this will include Health Risk Assessment and Medical Second Opinion.

The collaboration also allows Novus Health and Treatment to work closely on testing and development of further new mutual joint commercial applications and/or solutions. The intent of this collaboration is to promote the development, installation, testing, validation, and commercialization of one or more novel solutions that further the goals of both companies and proactively impact the health insurance market.

Dr. Essam Hamza, CEO of Treatment, comments: “We are very excited to partner with a recognized leading healthcare firm in Novus Health. There is a near term opportunity to implement our proprietary AI diagnostic tools into the solutions offered to their vast customer base. However, with this collaboration we also have an opportunity to extend into new mutually developed tools and solutions that have the ability to further improve health care efficiency and patient outcomes.”

Jamie Marcellus, CEO of Novus Health, comments: “We are excited about the potential for’s AI to augment our services. Their platform offers the possibility of unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in health risk assessments, drawing insights from vast data sets to detect patterns and predict potential risks. By leveraging these tools, our members can make better informed decisions swiftly, enhancing care and enabling proactive interventions to mitigate health threats effectively.”

About AI Inc. AI is a company utilizing AI to positively disrupt the healthcare sector and impact current inefficiencies and challenges. Over the past 7+ years and with the input of hundreds of healthcare professionals globally, AI has built the world’s most intelligent, personalized healthcare AI engine, the Global Library of Medicine (GLM). Providing the highest qualified clinical information and support to all healthcare professionals, the GLM delivers >92%+ accuracy on first diagnosis as well as providing recommended tests (physical and lab), x-rays, and billing codes. The platform’s quality and transparency are unrivaled, as the GLM provides an explanation of every step and likelihood associated with every symptom. AI also focuses on the next generation of healthcare professionals supporting Medical and Nursing schools, who utilize the GLM to help enhance the future clinical skills of their students. AI is focused on using AI for good and utilizing its GLM platform to bring the possibility of health equity and inclusion for disenfranchised communities.