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Novus Health and Highmark Interactive Partner to Provide an Upstream, Personalized and Precise Approach to Mental Well-being

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The partnership will provide members with mobile digital technology, curated personalized content and access to an upstream virtual health platform in real time with a tailored and precise approach to their mental well-being.

(TORONTO) – August 10, 2021 – Novus Health, an information and technology-enabled health services provider and a leader in health navigation and wellness solutions, is partnering with Highmark Interactive (Highmark), an award-winning digital health company, to provide Canadian employers and their employees with access to technology and services that allow for an earlier identification and a more upstream approach to mental wellness through its EQ family of products.

Highmark, one of the world’s first companies to use gamification to develop a FDA-cleared Class II medical device, is revolutionizing how individuals assess and remotely monitor brain and mental wellness through digital and clinical solutions. Novus Health currently assists over 3 million employees to connect to health care in a more accessible, understandable, and effective manner by using its customized platforms that create a central access point for all elements of the member experience.

Novus Health members will be able to access the Highmark mental health tools and services through its expanded mental health ecosystem.  This ecosystem utilizes a stepped-care model to deliver the right care at the right time. By accessing the Highmark mental health tools and services, Novus members will be able to optimize their mental health in a more upstream approach by evaluating and monitoring their resiliency which can allow them to self-identify and self-manage any imbalances between their own stress and recovery.

Highmark is equally excited to offer the Novus platform to their members as it will provide them with additional health navigation support, personalized content and health-related tools and information with the mission to keep them engaged and to promote better overall health outcomes.

“Partnering with Highmark is a critical step in the development of the Novus mental health ecosystem,” says Novus CEO, Robin Ingle, “The need for a multidimensional approach to mental health has become exponentially more important during the pandemic.”

“Highmark is pleased to collaborate with a partner like Novus Health who values mental well-being and has the ability to provide a guided, personalized and precise approach to mental health” said Sanjeev Sharma, MD, Highmark co-founder and CEO. “During a time of adversity such as the COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging tools such as Highmark’s digital health technology can help users build resilience and overcome the mental health issues both at home and in the workplace.”


About Novus Health

Novus Health is an information and technology-enabled health services provider that is a leader in health navigation and wellness solutions. Novus helps organizations make health care more accessible, understandable, and effective for their millions members and clients by providing the perfect, white-labelled platform to create a central access point for all elements of the member experience. The Novus Health offering includes the mobile Travel Navigator application for traveller tracking and alerts. Novus Health has offices in Toronto, Calgary and Montréal, Canada with partners and representatives worldwide.

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About Travel NavigatorTM, a Division of Novus Health

Travel NavigatorTM is an award-winning Duty of Care multimodal application providing tracking, local information and resources, as well as emergency support to mitigate risks and keep travellers safe.

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About Near Threat, a Division of Novus Health

Near Threat is a web-based service designed to provide consolidated, real-time information on

the status of a broad range of threat types around the globe. Sifting through billions of points of data every day, our cutting-edge A.I. gives you the critical information you need in a single interface designed for your needs. Near Threat offers solutions for home and travel to help identify and mitigate risk for you, your family, and your business.

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About Highmark Interactive

Founded in 2017, Highmark Interactive was created to change the paradigm of neurological testing and management. The company’s approach to brain health is focused on providing real-time data on mental health and neurological well-being to support proactive, preventative interventions. In addition to a growing network of virtual, in-person and hybrid clinics, Highmark Interactive offers the world’s first gamified, FDA-approved software that provides virtual medical assessments of individuals’ mental, neurologic and physiologic health. The technology is used in multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinics in over 30 countries globally.

Highmark Interactive’s unique solution is revolutionizing how individuals experience brain and mental health care, as well as unlocking insight for precision medicine and creating a modern model for delivering mental health and neuro-rehab services.

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