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Novus Health makes major investment in Quebec with state-of-the-art contact centre

By August 23, 2011 No Comments

Robin Ingle, CEO of Novus Health, is pleased to announce the opening of Novus Health’s newest contact centre in Montreal, Quebec. The investment in this state-of the-art centre signifies Novus Health’s commitment to providing the best quality service to clients while surpassing service level objectives with greater business continuity and technical capability. Our second major contact centre location allows Novus Health to serve the needs of all Canadian members at an even higher level.

Similar to Novus Health’s primary location in Toronto, the Montreal contact centre is staffed by bilingual Health Information Specialists, Registered Nurses, and other medical personnel. Recognizing Novus Health’s continuing rapid growth, the Montreal location has the capacity to accommodate 32 additional health professionals, while serving as an enhancement to both member services and technological capacity.

“Building our business in Montreal allows us to reinforce our systems and infrastructure,” says Ingle. “It also allows us to better serve our French speaking members with Quebec-based Registered Nurses and other medical staff.”

Marc Giguère, former Vice President of Business Development says, “Novus Health is committed to providing the best service to its clients; and the investment necessary for a centre of this calibre is proof of this dedication. Novus Health values all of its members and clients, and serves all parts of Canada at the highest level possible.”

Novus Health, a leader in Canadian Health Navigation, delivers innovative online and telephone support solutions for today’s changing health care environment. Novus Health works with insurers, employers, financial services firms and health organizations to provide knowledgeable and compassionate assistance tailored to their members and policyholders. Novus Health empowers members to navigate the health care system and provides the tools to access the trusted health information that they need to make informed health decisions.

Novus Health has offices in Toronto and Montreal and serves Canadians coast to coast.

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