Technology / Integration

What’s the Novus Health edge?

Technology, expertise, and experience—for a start. And depth and scalability. Our unique technology platform allows for innovative cloud-based, omni-channel health management solutions with unparalleled customization and integration. We maximize our platform’s power by selecting the appropriate modules within our code library to build a flexible solution suited to your business strategy. And we collaborate with you to create a unique web and mobile destination adapted to your needs and those of your clients.

We can help you build your business

We’ll build you a fully branded health management platform with sponsored, interactive health programming integrated into your embedded content and benefits. Our platforms will help you address eligible employees, energize your member marketing efforts, and expand your wellness communication, member acquisition, and loyalty programs.

Other key business-building benefits

  • Member health empowerment: We help you connect people with the health information they need
  • Consolidated master portal: We integrate all your sponsored programming with our interactive content and programs under one URL to maximize utilization
  • Cost savings and risk management: Our technology scales and integrates to deliver more effective disease management programming at a lower cost and with fewer resources
  • Future-ready innovation: We develop pioneering disease management and disability prevention programming that promotes member self-management
  • Data insights: Our programs unlock member and member-level insights to optimize your wellness programming

Powered by Novus Health

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms are designed to lower your total cost of ownership, while delivering robust and scalable power. They are power packed with the following features:

  • Security: Our PIPEDA- and HIPAA-compliant cloud environment and virtual infrastructure include primary and back-up Tier 1 Canadian data centres that are monitored 24/7 by uniformed guards and CCTV and protected via door card, biometric security, mantrap, and advanced redundancy/failover equipment. All customer data securely resides in Canada, and crisis management is delivered via a secure site-to-site VPN encrypted session with redirection to our secondary site
  • Fast deployment: Lets you rapidly integrate and embed our programs into your branded destination website/business
  • Reliability: Multi-tiered cloud data storage architecture mirrors all data and services across two separate redundant instances in real-time—assuring high performance with high system uptime. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides 24/7/365 monitoring and frequent testing of the service stack for both primary and recovery hosting sites
  • Multi-modal communication: We design our platforms to enable user-centric digital health experiences that serve your members on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices
  • Member engagement: Our platforms offer a comprehensive set of best-in-class promotion features for program upselling and cross-selling. Campaign execution capabilities include automated rules-based decision-making and personalization tools
  • Extendibility: Expand your health management and member management capabilities with standards-based online APIs
  • Reporting tools: Monitor program results to maximize your ROI