The Parent-Child Relationship

There comes an age for every child where they begin to change, their personality begins to develop, they start to gain a level of independence and their individualism begins to shine through. This can be a difficult time for any parent. Changes in a childs’ behaviour will affect the parent-child relationship. As a parent, it can be hard to know how to act each day, especially when everything you do is seen as an irritant to your child.

It’s easy for a parent to feel alone, but this isn’t a unique situation. Every child will experience this change at some point during their teen years, and only a small minority of parents will avoid some kind of relationship change. The vast majority of parents, however, will be required to adapt the way they behave around their child if they want to strengthen the relationship. While a parent may feel unsure on how to act around their child, teenagers will also be unsure of what’s happening as well. Adolescence is a time of rapid and profound development. Powerful hormones will leave teens going through accelerated changes.

Adapting to Change

Parenting expert Ann Douglas, previously told Global News: “The teen years are all about trying on new identities and becoming your own person. For many teens, that may mean pulling away from parents as a means of asserting their own independence.” This doesn’t mean that your child no longer wants to be a part of the relationship, but it does mean the relationship is going through a period of change. Learning how to adapt to those changes can greatly benefit the bond you have with your teenage child.

Each young person is an individual and different parents need different advice, so how does a parent navigate through the minefield of online information and strengthen the relationship with their child? Quebec resident, Linda Tremblay, may have found the answer. After months of stumbling through the minefield of information on the web, she turned to her insurance company.

Customized Solutions

Linda’s insurance company, luckily, was partnered with Novus Health – a provider of health navigation and wellness solutions. Linda’s request was passed over to Novus’s team of health facilitators, who quickly gathered a variety of reputable and up-to-date resources designed to support parents of adolescents. The information was tailored to Linda’s individual circumstances, and included: a list of health professionals with expertise in the field; information on communicating with adolescents; information on health parent/teen relationships; as well as a list of parental coaching services.

Sourcing the correct information will help Linda move through this turbulent stage of her child’s life. Communication will be improved, trust will be enhanced and their relationship will become stronger. Expert and efficient knowledge, from service providers such as Novus Health, can transform a person’s life. Not convinced? Just ask Linda.

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