Manage health risks for better business

It may come as no surprise to you that one of the greatest costs to any organization is the cost of employee health care. So what if you could keep that cost in line by simply gaining a clear picture of where the risks are to your organization and, once identified, leverage tools, education, and support to better manage those risks? That’s precisely what our Integrative Health Risk Assessment (iHRA) tool is engineered to do.

Identify. Educate. Track. Save.

Our online iHRA tool is designed to put health-critical data at your fingertips. By identifying at-risk populations within your organization, you are better equipped to educate employees. What’s more, with detailed reporting tools, you’ll also have the insight you need to customize programs to address those risks. More importantly, you’ll also be able to follow up on or track the progress of your at-risk members and optimize programs if need be. All of which can help reduce costs while enhancing productivity, employee health, and more.

Start by asking the right questions

Our iHRA is simple to use. People typically spend about 30 minutes completing the questionnaire and are given an overview of their overall health as well as a rating for each section. This score gives them a benchmark against future questionnaires so they can track their own progress. Members are given a detailed report on where they stand health wise, and an action plan so that they can celebrate areas of success and address gaps.

Get at the information you need with ease

You’re in control.

We understand that no two organizations are alike. So you’ll appreciate that you can customize our iHRA tool to address your company’s unique needs with ease. Our iHRA’s control panel enables organizations like yours to customize the questionnaire structure, topics, and question sets, access group metrics according to your needs, and more.

You’ll get Management Reports that provide you with:

  • Detailed information on the health status of your organization
  • Extensive coverage of modifiable health risks employees can address themselves
  • Benchmarks that let you compare between varied geographic locations or other companies or groups
  • Advanced scoring and ratings including tools like the Stress & Satisfaction Offset Score (SSOS)
  • Easy to understand reports that show where improvements can be made

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We’ll work with what you already have in place

No need to re-invent the wheel. Our iHRA tool fits right into your existing systems (member portal, incentive programs, member communications database) so that you can optimize your current investment and centralize your existing programs into a simple hub. We’ll also work with your partners so that everyone is in the loop.

Campaigns can be delivered in multiple sections asking about a few topics at a time or all at once. You can customize the tool with:

  • Your company brand, logos, colour schemes, and more
  • Questions that can collect extra data you need
  • Culturally relevant content that reflects different cultural, dietary, and age-specific norms

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