Empower your plan members to make better health decisions

Custom health navigation platforms
Timing is everything. When it comes to making sense of the Canadian Health Care System, we all want the same thing: trusted, reliable information and direction to services – quickly. That is precisely why Novus Health designed a state-of-the-art Health Navigation Portal for your members and employees. We help them understand their provincial and private health plans, locate doctors, obtain reliable information on conditions and treatments, access second opinions as well as a number of other valuable online and telephone services. We make it easy for them to find important health resources such as nursing homes, treatment centres, community services, and flu vaccination clinics. What’s more? they can call us 24/7!

  • Detailed information on medical conditions, treatment options, and medications
  • Referrals to public programs and private services, including other benefits or services sponsored by the organization
  • Assistance in finding physicians, specialists, and other health care providers
  • Locating hospitals, clinics, and more
  • Current and trusted information about provincial health plans
  • Custom content on health topics for everything – from finding a family doctor to accessing clinical trials
  • Tips on talking to their doctor
  • Resources on senior care
  • Better coping with disabilities
  • Checking procedure wait times
  • Peace of mind in knowing they are making truly informed decisions

How your organization can benefit

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Whether you are concerned with the health of your employees, customers, or members, guiding them to better health not only helps them stay healthier but can benefit your organization’s wellness goals.

  • Increased productivity:

    Thanks to our Health Navigation Portal, your members and employees spend less time looking for health care services and resources because they’ll have access to it all in one place and a trusted team to consult when they need direction.

  • Competitive edge in the job market:

    You can attract the best and brightest employees by offering them access to our unique health and wellness solutions as a benefit.

  • Benefit cost savings:

    You can obtain significant benefit cost savings as informed employees make better patients and caregivers. They can find it easier to cope with health issues and focus on positive lifestyle change with the support we provide.

  • Work-life balance:

    Show employees you’re committed to their health and wellness with access to everything from chronic disease management to health coaching and assessment tools.

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