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Novus Health Acquires Near Threat Analytics at a Crucial Moment in History

By March 17, 2020 No Comments

TORONTO, March 16, 2020 – Health Care Services International Inc., operating as Novus Health, “Novus”, is pleased to announce their acquisition of global threat monitoring company, Near Threat Analytics Corp., “Near Threat”.  Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

The move significantly enhances Novus’ 360 Navigator offering which includes the Novus Health and Travel Navigator platforms. “We are thrilled about this partnership as it comes at a critical time when people and enterprises need reliable, real-time information and tools to stay up to date on what’s going on around the world. Two months ago, people weren’t sure how travel, health and risk warnings fit together,” says Robin Ingle, CEO of Novus, “No one is asking that question now.”  The immediate focus will be integrating Near Threat’s advanced artificial intelligence and global threat and alert management technologies into the 360 Navigator to offer a cohesive platform and allowing users to manage risk in their daily life at home and abroad.

“This offering is applicable across many verticals,” points out Paul Methot, CEO of Near Threat. “We are all looking to mitigate the risk to ourselves, our loved ones and our businesses, especially now that we realize how interconnected the world is.”  The Near Threat leadership team consisting of CEO, Paul Methot, CTO, Dr. Richard Bennett, and COO, Megan Rideout, will join the Novus executive team, adding strength in artificial intelligence, big data, corporate travel and consumer engagement to the already deep expertise at Novus in security, global risk management and group insurance. Omar Ahmad, a co-founder of, has also joined the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity, bringing his wealth of experience in travel and loyalty to the team.

These products combined are specifically designed to be the primary source to educate, engage, equip and most importantly protect your employees.  They have been purpose built with the needs of Chief Risk Officers, Travel Managers, Human Resources and Duty of Care specialists in mind. For specific inquiries about how our products and services can be prioritized to support your organization, please contact Megan Rideout at

About Novus Health

Novus Health is an information and technology-enabled health services provider. The leader in health navigation and wellness solutions, Novus Health helps organizations make health care more accessible, understandable, and effective for their members and clients. The Novus Health offering includes the Travel Navigator application for traveller tracking and alerts. Novus Health has offices located in Toronto and Montréal, Canada with partners and representatives worldwide.

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About Travel Navigator, a division of Novus Health

Travel Navigator is an award-winning multimodal Duty of Care application providing tracking, local information and resources, as well as emergency support to mitigate risks and keep travellers safe.

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About Near Threat

Near Threat is a web-based service designed to provide consolidated, real-time information on the status of a broad range of threat types around the globe. Our cutting-edge A.I. sifts through billions of points of data everyday to give you the critical information you need in a single interface designed for your needs. Near Threat offers solutions for home and travel use to help identify and mitigate risk for you, your family and your business.

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