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Get the Most Out of Your Health Data—Here’s How

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Your population’s health data is a valuable source of insight. Get the most out of your data with our analytics engine.

The Power of Data

From the healthcare services they use to the wellness content they consume, your members produce a tremendous amount of data.

And it’s a good thing, too. Properly collected, analyzed, and reported, health data can give you an excellent picture of your members’ overall health, empowering you to drive targeted programming and boost health efficiently and effectively.

The only problem is, data management can be complicated. It takes time to properly collect, coordinate, and package data, and to do so in a way that’s helpful and easy to understand.

That’s why Novus Health offers business intelligence, a powerful data collection engine designed to give you the insight you need to understand your population’s health and drive programming that works. It’s real-time, scalable, secure, and it’s easy to use.

Ensuring privacy, security and confidentiality of customer information are key priorities for Novus Health.  Novus Health follows an IT governance and risk management framework based on industry best practices, with controls aligned to global standards, ensuring the platform is compliant to all relevant regulations including PIPEDA, CASL, and AODA.

Best of all, our data engine can be integrated with nearly any other program, service, or product you may already offer, meaning it can give you cross-platform insights. Now that’s intelligent.

Why Data Matters


Businesses that use big data saw a profit increase of 8-10 percent. (Entrepreneur, 2019)

Businesses that use big data saw a 10 percent reduction in overall cost. (Entrepreneur, 2019)

83 percent of enterprise executives say they’ve pursued big data projects to gain a competitive advantage. (Forbes, 2018)

Nearly 50 percent of businesses say big data and analytics have fundamentally changed business practices in their sales and marketing departments. (Forbes, 2018)

62 percent of retail businesses see competitive advantages from information and analytics. (Towards Data Science, 2018)

53 percent of companies are adopting big data analytics. (Forbes, 2017)

55 percent of North American businesses have adopted big data analytics. (Forbes, 2017)

90 percent of IT professionals plan to increase spending on BI tools. (Forbes, 2019)



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Business Intelligence—What’s Inside

Admin Dashboard

Our Admin Dashboard is your gateway to smarter and more effective health programming. Track web and mobile usage, access data in real-time, and understand your population’s health concerns—all with a few clicks.

  • Track utilization habits with engaging, easy-to-follow visual data
  • Pinpoint the most popular programs, services, and content
  • Identify your members true health risks and conditions

Health Risk Assessment 

A questionnaire for individuals to achieve a better understanding of their health, the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an ideal way for you to establish a picture of your population’s overall health profile and key risk areas.

  • Gather crucial baseline data
  • Customize the HRA to your organization’s needs
  • Drive utilization with incentives

The Beauty of Integration

Thanks to our Health Navigation Platform, our data collection engine uses industry-accepted best practice standards to make integration with your offering easy. Not just for our products, display existing data visually on our powerful, easy-to-use, real-time dashboard. Offering limitless integration with vendors of your choice, Novus Health makes data management and organization a whole lot easier.

  • Generate a holistic, cross-platform understanding of your population
  • Connect to third-party wearables and medical devices to track and reward health
  • Understand which initiatives are being used

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The Bigger Picture

Reduce the amount of time and resources required to leverage your population’s data by consolidating it into one place.

With a more complete picture of your member, your health data empowers you to drive targeted programming, promote the right products and services, and boost overall health. Knowledge, truly, is power.

Who Benefits?

  • Consumers: Personalized, targeted health programming that goes beyond surface-level health and well-being initiatives.
  • Organisations: 24/7 real-time analytics, efficient and effective health programming; reduced risk of illness, injury, and absence; relationships rooted in care.
  • Insurers: A unique value-add and key differentiator that yields more revenue; a technologically competitive edge; a tool to build proactive and positive relationships with clients and members; a data-driven approach to marketing the right products and services.

The benefits of health data are endless, so start using it today. It’s easier than you think.


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