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Webinar – Unlock the Power of Data

By November 19, 2019 No Comments

Knowledge is power. What do you really know about your members?

From the health care services they use to the wellness content they consume, your members produce a tremendous amount of data. Properly collected, analyzed and reported health data can give you an excellent picture of your members’ overall health. Empowered by this knowledge, you can act past surface-level health initiatives and instead, drive targeted programming to boost health efficiently and effectively.

Whether you want to establish a health baseline for your population, or measure the success of a campaign, your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) includes a thorough report that identifies key risk factors within your organization. Looking for a deeper dive into your population? The HRA can also be modified to target specific information, giving you the data needed to improve outcomes within your population.

The best part is that your health tools are seamlessly integrated into your product, collecting and organizing real-time data and viewable 24/7 through your own Admin Dashboard. Track online and phone usage and understand real health concerns down to the group level.

Business Intelligence transforms data points into meaningful information. Consolidate existing data to track and measure initiatives, learn about your members’ health risks, and most importantly, implement and create programs your clients need – allocating costs in the most effective direction.

Join our webinar to find out how our tools give your organization what you need to drive targeted programming, promote the right products and services, save time and money, and boost overall health. Business Intelligence, truly, is power.

[Webinar in English]

Date: Wednesday, December 4th
Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm

[Webinar in French]

Date: Thursday, December, 5th
Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm

Jennifer Okhovat

Jennifer is a Sales Director at Novus Health and plays a key role in developing new business opportunities and supports the growth of our clients across Canada and worldwide. She has over 10 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry working with organizations to help promote health and wellness products, tools and services. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Management from York University and is based in our home office in Toronto.

Richard Lafontaine

Richard is a Business Development Manager at Novus Health. For more than fifteen years, he worked in a business development role representing innovative health & wellness solutions for physicians, insurers, pharmaceutical companies and employees in the workplace with the objective of improving the health of the Canadian population. He holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Québec. Richard is based in our Montreal office.


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