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Financial Health as a Cornerstone of Overall Well-Being

It’s important in life to feel secure. Take our closest relationships as an example: It is vital to know that we can trust those closest to us to provide needed support when life gets difficult. Such an inner feeling of security has a ripple effect on so many aspects of ourselves. We feel at peace because we know on a deep level that no matter what happens in our lives, we have people around us who will understand and will always be there to help us figure it out.

Having security in our finances also helps to foster a feeling of inner peace. Knowing that we have enough money each month to cover our bills, save for our retirement, and have a little extra to enjoy our lives gives us peace of mind. If every month we are worrying about our ability to cover our costs of living, then we don’t feel at ease, it creates stress and anxiety—and if it goes on for long enough, it will ultimately affect our health.

Stress feeds on itself. One thing leads to another and ends up compounding the stress. For instance, stress can lead to poor sleep, which in turn leads to reduced productivity at work the next day, which then leads to more stress because work has not been completed, which then leads to more poor sleep. Chronic high levels of stress have a ripple-like effect on our health. Stress has been linked to cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and coronary artery disease, gastrointestinal diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease and irritable bowel syndrome, poor blood sugar control, obesity, chronic headaches, and memory and concentration problems. The key take-home is: when left unchecked over time, stress becomes physical. We should not underestimate it.

Financial health affects our mental health. Mental health is a cornerstone of overall health. It is important to make financial health a priority in our lives and to take the steps necessary to review our spending and how it relates to our income. We also need to ensure that we have a strategy for the future and that we are saving enough for retirement.

Take the time to care for your financial health—your worries will lessen and your shoulders will relax. Ultimately, your overall health will improve.

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