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A Medical Second Opinion Service that Helps People When They Need It Most

Being diagnosed with a serious health condition is a stressful situation that can leave patients concerned about their future. Canadians who have received a serious diagnosis want to know if that diagnosis is correct. They want to be sure that the treatment they are receiving is the best that’s out there. And they need a team that cares about them and will make things as easy as possible for them as they navigate their situation.

What patients don’t need is advice that complicates matters. They want a straightforward opinion as to what is the most likely diagnosis in their case and what they should do at this stage of their treatment. They don’t need an exhaustive list of all the possible treatments they and their doctor could consider right now. They need the experience of a specialist who sees cases such as theirs all the time, who can sort out what is a real concern and can outline, step by step, what they would advise the patient to do right now.

What Canadian patients need is a team and a doctor who know what it means to live in Canada and how to navigate our system effectively. Where are the clinical trials happening? How can patients qualify and get access? How can they get authorization for the tests they need? These are some of the practical questions that will help Canadian patients to move forward with confidence that they are on the right path. And this is what our Medical Second Opinion program offers your users.

And what if they don’t qualify for the Medical Second Opinion? Our Health Information Specialists can help your users get the information they need to address their health issues more effectively. We don’t turn anyone away and we give personalized assistance to all members who access our services.

Our Canadian Medical Second Opinion is focused on your people, giving them the support they need when they need it most.


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