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Designing for Healthcare: Disruptive Innovation and the Importance of Design

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Healthcare is currently undergoing the early phases of disruptive innovation, but what does this mean for designers in the healthcare sector? Technologies that better connect, diagnose and manage our well-being are ubiquitous and often come with large investment. However, healthcare innovation regularly alienates vulnerable communities and often experience slow (or no) adoption.

How do we fix this? The Designing for Healthcare seminar at PodCamp Toronto, a free two-day digital media event held at Ryerson University between 23-25th February 2018, will explore these issues and the importance of design thinking.

Hosted by Novus Health, Designing for Healthcare is an interactive talk that will examine methods of product ideation. It will explore the different approaches designers can use to design health and wellness solutions that are equitable, scalable and ubiquitous.

The intermediate design and development session will touch on the UX / UI design process we use at Novus Health. Novus Health has been helping Canadian organizations navigate the complex and ever-changing Canadian healthcare system since 2006. The company provides health navigation and wellness solutions to more than 5 million Canadians.

We will use this insight to delve into the process of design thinking, with a specific focus on four key factors:

  • Defining a problem through observation.
  • Ideating creative solutions.
  • Prototyping.
  • And finally, testing our solutions.

The Service Design Triangle

A closer look into the foundations of design thinking will be put into place when we delve into the Service Design Triangle, but what is it? The Service Design Triangle is a toolkit to enable designers to ask important questions about proposed solutions.

The idea takes into account three important questions: Is our solution equitable? Is our solution scalable? Is our solution ubiquitous?

Key Lessons

  • Service Design Triangle
  • Designing equitable health solutions
  • Designing scalable products
  • Creating ubiquitous services and experiences
  • How to apply these tools to existing products and in-development experiences

Successful product design requires a collaborative approach, and the seminar will ask the audience to contribute with questions as well as take on board the Service Design Triangle to form ideas.

Our Senior Product and Content Manager here at Novus Health, Lily Mills, has played an important part in the organization of this year’s PodCamp Toronto, having volunteered as the event’s Programming Lead. A keen contributor to the design community, Lily is known for her podcast ‘Lily Likes It Here’, as well as her backstage volunteer work with the Toronto Fringe Festival.

The Novus team has previously presented at PodCamp Toronto, with our Marketing Director Jaana Hein hosting a workshop for sisu production on how to generate media production ideas. The presentation from sisu production can be viewed here.

To sign up to the event, or find out more, please visit the PodCamp Toronto website. The Novus Health team hopes to see you there.

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