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Improving Employee Health Through Technology

By October 1, 2014 No Comments

Avantages Magazine, a Rogers publication

Technology is an integral part of our society today and it has powerful capabilities to improve our lives. When it comes to health promotion, technology can revolutionize the way health programs are provided: the right platform can make health content more easily accessible, target user needs and behaviours, and offer support for a complex variety of situations. But how can organizations ensure that they are using effective technology with their health care programs?

Most group insurance providers offer health management and assistance programs and tools in some form or another. But how many of these programs are actually readily accessible and adapted to their members’ needs? The truth is, the vast majority of health management programs on the market today are offered in silos and are not interrelated.

This article explores the limitations of silos, with a case study to illustrate how a single integrated health navigation platform can make a difference in the lives of patients. With a single access point, the integrated platform provides the flexibility needed to support a range of corporate services and encourage uptake of programs. And, with this integrated support at work, organizations will not just be supporting their employees, customers, and members in addressing their current health problems—but can also lay the foundation for preventing future issues and developing healthier lifestyles.

Read on to find out how an integrated health platform offers so much more than the sum of its individual programs.

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