Offer proactive support for measurable results

When it comes to managing member health, we understand the critical importance of early intervention. Our unparalleled health coaching and member assistance programs offer personalized, professional, and confidential online and telephone concierge support to help members better manage their symptoms, navigate health care resources, and improve their health.

Help employees with Stay Healthy at Work™

Maximize employee health and productivity and minimize your organization’s risk exposure by addressing employee health concerns and conditions before they lead to extended absences and disability claims.

Stay Healthy at Work™ is a cost-effective disease management assistance program for large enterprise organizations that helps at-risk individuals remain at work. It covers the most prevalent causes of employee absenteeism, presenteeism, and disability, including the following:

Stay Healthy at Work™ identifies employees who need focused help and empowers them to manage their conditions through confidential, personalized, and compassionate telephone assistance with a health care professional and through engaging online health tools and resources.

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Engage members who need help addressing critical health problems

  • Proactive, multilingual, and confidential telephone coaching with a health care professional
  • Compassionate support, personalized action plans, motivating encouragement for behavioural change, and progress measurement
  • Integration with existing wellness programs to increase awareness and uptake
  • Program usage and participation reporting to maximize ROI
  • Ability to connect members to more complex case management with our EAP and medical consultation and second opinion programs with top U.S. hospitals

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