Member contact centre

What’s the Novus Health edge?

Our health management solutions go beyond our robust technology to incorporate real-time phone support for members and their families. Thanks to state-of-the-art member contact centres in Toronto and Montreal, members across Canada get private, toll-free telephone access to our in-house team of multilingual health information specialists for professional, confidential, compassionate, and personalized support.

Real-time health empowerment

Members of Novus Health programs can reach a health information specialist for any health situation—from everyday health questions, to support for a serious health crisis. Our team’s compassionate and professional support empowers your members to:

  • Find health professionals and resources
  • Discover available treatment options, programs, or local facilities
  • Understand treatment risks and learn how to access benefits
  • Learn how to navigate the health care system, negotiate wait times, and prepare for an appointment with a health care professional

Powered by Novus Health

Our member contact center technology allows us to support the many programs we operate for our clients, and we have the ability to build additional contact centers in areas where we operate. Computer telephone integration (CTI), IP telephony, multi-channel call distributor (ACD) functionality, and digital call recording maximize call quality, while advanced business continuity measures ensure we can meet the strictest service-level expectations.