Since 2006, Novus Health has been helping Canadian organizations like yours navigate the complex and ever-changing Canadian Health Care System. We’re proud to say that, to date, we provide health navigation and wellness solutions to more than 5 million Canadians through our valued clients. We like to think we’re just getting started.

We saw a need. We filled it.

Founded in 2006, Novus Health is a privately owned Canadian company whose sole mission is to empower Canadian organizations and their members to navigate the complex Canadian Health Care System. Innovation is at the core of everything we do.

What we saw

There’s no debating it – we have one of the best health care systems in the world. Still, we saw a growing public awareness and concern with treatment wait lists, access to emerging drug therapies, quality of care, physician shortages, and government cost-shifting of many services.

How we filled it

We listened to our clients and then we got to work. Today, Novus Health offers Canadian organizations custom-designed, turn-key solutions that help their members navigate our health care system with ease and confidence. We’ll work with you to zero in on the unique needs of your organization and create a solution that will truly work for you.

Let us create your one-stop health resource centre

Health navigation platforms integrate all your health programs within one platform and gives you the support of our development team.

Get a clear picture of your organization’s health and health risks

Integrative health risk assessments enable you to easily identify health risks within your company and solutions on how to improve health status.

Enable members to make smart decisions

Health coaching and member assistance engages members who need help addressing critical health problems.