While Atlantic Canada may be a new and refreshing sight to many Canadians, Nova Scotia’s healthcare system should be very familiar to all. No part of Nova Scotia’s health care system is difficult to navigate once you’ve been shown the ropes. Let Novus be your guide!   





Healthcare in Nova Scotia is administered by the Nova Scotia Department of Health. Nova Scotia’s provincial health insurance is administered by Medavie Blue Cross, under contract to the Department of Health. The Nova Scotia Department of Health also delivers local health services through the Nova Scotia Health Authority, in partnership with the IWK Health Centre.


The Medical Service Insurance (MSI)

The Medical Service Insurance is Nova Scotia’s provincial health care plan, providing eligible residents with coverage for medically required services from hospitals, doctors, dentists and optometrists, with some restrictions. To be eligible, you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and must not be present in Nova Scotia for at least 183 days out of any calendar year. There are no premiums for MSI.

In addition to coverage in Canadaa, MSCI also provides limited coverage abroad. Out of Canada, MSI will only cover emergency services, and then only to the amount that it would pay for the same services in Nova Scotia. As healthcare costs abroad can be substantially more expensive than in Canada, you may end up with a large medical bill. When travelling abroad, keep medical travel insurance in mind!


Nova Scotia Pharmacare

Pharmacare is an umbrella of prescription drug programs offered by the Novia Scotia Department of Health meant to subsidize or cover drug costs for Nova Scotian families and certain vulnerable residents. All Nova Scotians with a provincial health card are eligible for the Family Pharmacare Program if they are not covered by one of the other Pharmacare programs. There is a co-payment and a co-payment ceiling for regular Pharmacare, meaning you must pay a percentage of the cost of each prescription yourself, to a certain maximum. You may also be eligible for coverage under another Pharmacare program if you are over 65, receive income assistance, have cancer, multiple sclerosis or diabetes, or are a child in the care of Community Services or Children’s Aid.


Other Services

Nova Scotia’s healthcare system offers a great range of services and assistance plans, many of which we haven’t mentioned in this high-level look. These include services like palliative care, cancer care, mental health care, eldercare and disability support, and more. If you wish to learn more about what Nova Scotia’s healthcare system can do to help you, Novus is the perfect place to be. Find us here! We wish you the best of health!