By Dr. Michael Szabo, Medical Director of Novus Health

At Novus Health we get a lot of inquiries from members who are having difficulties navigating the medical issues of their aging parents. With our steadily aging population, this has become a global problem.

And on top of the strain this is putting on individuals, the costs can be enormous to businesses as well: the lost productivity of employees who are preoccupied managing their parents’ care is huge.

We recently spoke to a Novus Health member who had to take a day off work every 6 weeks to drive her elderly mother across town to have her eye treated for macular degeneration by an ophthalmologist at a large medical centre. Neither the specialist nor the family doctor had suggested any alternatives to her mother that would be more convenient and she was too shy to press them for another solution.

When our member called us we were able to do some research and discovered a clinic that was a mere 15 minutes from her mother’s home—and, better yet, not in a dauntingly large medical centre that required her assistance to navigate. Now our member’s mother can attend appointments in a taxi with her husband while her daughter is able to stay at work with peace of mind.

It’s these kinds of small things that make a huge difference in the day-to-day lives of our members. And that is why I enjoy working with Novus Health. We understand how the system works and we have the time and ability to make it work better for Canadians.


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