Novus Health equips employers, insurers, and wellness providers with an advanced online health risk appraisal that can be customized by the administrator

Novus Health has launched its integrative Health Risk Assessment (iHRA) product, a versatile tool optimized for strategic wellness planning in the workplace that gives companies, insurers, and other wellness providers more control over their HRA programming.

Novus Health, the leader in Canadian health navigation solutions, provides innovative and scalable programs through telephone- and web-based health care tools that enable members to be informed, empowered, and engaged partners in their own health. With this new product, organizations can quickly and easily measure the health risks in their population, support programs for healthy lifestyles among employees and their families, and provide participants with the actionable information they need to improve their health.

The iHRA’s predictive questionnaire component is engaging and easy to use. Every participant receives their own highly personalized report which is written using plain language, and is based on current scientific and medical research. A comprehensive range of risk factors are addressed: weight, level of activity, lifestyle behaviours, health status, stress management, sleep quality, social engagement, workplace culture, and more.

Organizations can integrate their own health promotion programs resulting in a truly comprehensive long-term wellness strategy. They have the opportunity to tailor a participant’s results in order to reflect the sponsored health and wellness programming that they are eligible for and to point individuals towards relevant tools, information, and resources that can help them achieve their health goals.

Novus Health’s iHRA is highly customizable. Through the administrative dashboard, organizations have the power to retrieve group metrics and customize the questionnaire’s structure, topics, and results according to their needs. An administrator can even choose to deliver the assessment in multiple sections over time or all at once.

“We’re providing Canadian organizations with a configurable health appraisal tool that reflects the current focus on evidence-based, strategic wellness planning,” says Erinn Macaulay, Account Executive and Product Manager, Novus Health. “This tool can be used to benchmark, follow up, and independently survey your organization. Creating and customizing your campaigns is easy through the administrative dashboard. You can offer as few or as many sections as you want, and you can target specific populations.”

Well-implemented, work-based health promotion programs can improve both the overall health risk status of participants and their work performance, providing a positive return on investment for employers. “Health appraisals can serve as the foundation of your strategic wellness planning and help guide your organization on how to spend your health benefit and programming dollars,” says Robin Ingle, CEO, Novus Health. “Our HRA can also be integrated with Novus Health’s core navigation product to centralize and maximize your existing employee health benefits and services into one central hub.”

Over 400,000 Canadians have access to the Novus Health integrative Health Risk Assessment already, and it is available in both English and French.

For more information or to request a demonstration, please contact Erinn Macaulay at 1-877-817-8080.